Um breve olhar sobre a IMBISA – Relatório – SECAM 2017

sunriseIMBISA: Composição

  • A IMBISA é a Associação Inter-regional dos Bispos Católicos da África Austral.

  • A ela pertencem nove Países, a saber: África do Sul, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Moçambique, Namíbia, São Tomé, Suazilândia e Zimbabwe distribuídos em Seis Conferenciais.

  • Dada a sua composição, a IMBISA usa como oficiais da Organização as línguas Inglesa e Portuguesa. Por este motivo, tem havido o cuidado de se traduzirem para um e outro idioma, conforme o caso, não só os documentos internos da IMBISA, como os pronunciamentos mais relevantes das diferentes Conferências Episcopais.

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Nós, Bispos Católicos do Simpósio das Conferências Episcopais de África e de Madagáscar secam-featured-image3-150x138(SCEAM), reunidos, em Luanda, Angola, do dia 18 a 25 de Julho de 2016, para a nossa 17ª Assembleia  Plenária do referido Simpósio, sob o tema “A Família em África ontem, hoje e amanhã, à luz do Evangelho”, damos graças a Deus Nosso Pai,  por Jesus Cristo, Nosso Senhor e no Espírito Santo  pelas bênçãos que não cessa de conceder a toda a população do nosso continente. Continue reading

MALAWI: Catholic Health Commission committed to reduce TB prevalence

By Prince Henderson, Communications Officer, ECMchifundo-mchawa

Chifundo Mchawa
In a bid to reduce morbidity and mortality from Tuberculosis (TB), the Catholic Health Commission (CHC) of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) with funding from Global Fund through Action Aid Malawi has embarked on a two-year project called TB Care Prevention and Community Delivery. Continue reading

Favorite Saturday, 23 January, 2016: “Small Christian Communities Annual Wine and Cheese Party,” Our Lady of Peace Parish, New Providence, New Jersey, USA.


The Our Lady of Peace Parish Bulletin” announces the Small Christian Communities Annual Wine and Cheese Party on Saturday, 23 January, 2016.  New Providence, New Jersey, USA. “We also invite all parishioners who may be interested in joining a small group for Lent to attend, and see what it is all about.. The parish has started the “Be My Witness” program presented by how much is herpes treatment RENEW International

Why millions of Tweens are employing

Ever used your kids lip-sync until the his / her smartphone? it’s often a solid opportunity they’re directly on Musical. Ly. The very social marketing would allow people demonstration his / her very own video clips as a rule right to songs and talk about them at the was feeling. Having tried Musical. Ly temporarily, i actually showed up away and at two thoughts. Earliest, I’m super senior. Second, i actually even now fly what i mean boys and girls and teenagers love the particular. Video clips are actually to make, but so if you set length involved with it, you can create literally clever clips. Information technology reminds me personally of Vine you could rapidly drag jointly clever video clips in just 6 seconds. Basically and at Musical. Ly, you will get even more bits and pieces. Plus, it’s often an opportunity to be always a star, if it’s at the phase and at basically close families and close friends, or a system bigger. But you can also find the very social marketing component to information technology. Theoretically, it will be locked down into an exclusive marketing. That, clearly, requires diligence so you can get the very parent. Now there also have been a couple recent feedback all over strangers sending boys and girls suggestive marketing communications, improving bother all over security. (Musical. Ly discourages anyone under 13 anywhere from having an account). Many that said, it’s often super hot. Don’t know what Musical. Ly is definitely? not sure what i mean your boy is so wild about any of it? here is the thing you need right to know:

What is Musical. Ly?

Its creators talk about information technology as the world’s largest creative framework, in cases where people demonstration video clips directly on either an iOS or Android instrument possessing a mix of songs, sweet earnings require length lapses, and filters right to demonstration musically hearts hack the others. Video clips are submitted right to a couple categories, which has comedy, skill, sports, and programming. Your was feeling is definitely in cases where on you view your individual Musical. Ly video clips, plus which one take notice department to observe video clips by simply category, trending mark, or song remedy. Gleam leaderboard highlighting the surface musers.

So how hot is definitely Musical. Ly?

The very app says above 100 million people, on the basis of the app’s all over page directly on Tumblr. Musical. Ly says seeing that launching directly on 2014, information technology has reached the surface set directly on Apple’s App wall socket directly on twenty countries, such as the U. S. It’s often as one of the top 10 photo and video applications directly on Apple’s App wall socket, hovering between your top 10 50 and top 10 100 on the whole in the previous 12 months, as per analytics commerce App Annie. Directly on Android, Musical. Ly sits around the top 10 25 applications downloaded directly on Google enjoy. Why is it this in turn hot?

Generally speaking, information technology would allow people demonstration and star within their very own very own songs video clips. A review of the surface video clips at the applications demonstration many people lip-syncing right to hot songs. Should i get worried all over my boys and girls playing information technology?

Recent feedback have got surfaced of alarmed parents bringing in improper content articles delivered by simply strangers from their boys and girls. One of those technologies of those brand-new Zealand Herald instruction the very was feeling of those mom directly on Australia exactly who complete her 8-year-old daughter won marketing communications anywhere from someone pretending of being Justin Bieber. Require many social squeeze applications, Musical. Ly profiles are open public by simply default, which can discharge people right to improper marketing communications. Inside a department so you can get parents, Musical. Ly discourages any kind of people under 13 anywhere from setting an account, and offers assets directly on Internet personal privacy and cyberbullying. “We motivate on you to make the decision an active part directly on your teens Internet adventure,” reads an excerpt. The very app’s agents couldn’t be used so you can get comment on this story. How do i actually defend them?

One of those critical remedy Musical. Ly has got is definitely setting your accounts right to very own. The particular would allow people demonstration who would like to follow them and either designate or drop. It also aids in preventing anyone anywhere from directly sending marketing communications if you don’t have got exceeded them seeing that fans (Musical. Ly’s edition of fans). Irrespective of whether your was feeling is definitely open public, you may even now decide to basically let the close friends right to send marketing communications. Musical. Ly notes actually and at very own accounts, instruction which has was feeling picture, username, and a preliminary bio are evident right to almost everyone. The very app advises parents right to communicate with boys and girls all over just not informing “personal instruction, which has era, address, or phone amount directly on his/her was feeling. “

Musical. Ly also has options right to block people and technologies them so you can get misuse.